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Why Start An Escort Agency

As I said in the introduction and will continue to say; this is about having sex with lots of girls, not about making money.

So if you are in a committed relationship and have sex often, then this isn't for you. If you are gay, this isn't for you. If you want to make money in the escort business, this isn't for you. If you have lots of money and can afford to call a lot of escorts, this isn't for you.

This is for single guys who aren't lucky with the ladies for whatever reason, who have to watch porn and masturbate, who can't afford to call escorts often. That was me a couple of years ago and sometimes it is me now. I still can't call an escort every single day, but I can a couple of times a week and the money I make from the agency covers that.

So think of it this way; If you could spend a few minutes a day answering a couple of emails and sending a few text messages to girls, in exchange for having girls come over to your apartment and having sex with you a couple of times a week, would you do it? That's how you have to think of it.

Also, when you meet these escorts, their attitude is different when they know that you have an escort agency. They try to impress you and they don't watch the clock. I usually have sex with them, then we stay in bed and talk about the agency, their pictures, work terms..etc and we end up laying in bed naked for another hour or more. I often joke that my bed is my office! So how about a job where your office is your bed and where you get to interview sexy naked girls laying next to you in bed.

Soon after, when you have several escorts, you'll find yourself talking to girls every day, booking new girls, and so on. There will be girls in your life, and even though they are escorts, it's still a good feeling.

While it's mostly about sex, it's also interesting, you get to talk to interesting people, for example, I once had a very weathly client from Europe who is so rich he books movie stars and sports athletes, I actually enjoy hearing his stories and we still stay in touch by email. I met other escort agency owners including a madam who has the best clients in the world, like famous celebrities..etc. And there are the girls themselves, while they're just trying to make money, some are still interesting to get to know and talk to and hear their stories, I talked to an escort who was payed very well to have sex with a dog while the client watched! I talked to clients who asked for the strangest things like having girls pee on them and putting things up their behind, or men that payed for a girl just to talk to. All kinds of strange funny things in this business. There were so many times when I laughed so hard about something a client or an escort said or did. So there is also some entertainment.

There isn't much more to say about why you should start an escort agency. I hope you're excited to start one yourself.

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