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Finding girls is the fun part. I love it when I search escorts and then pick one to come over and within the hour she's knocking on my door, dressed sexy and ready to fuck! I know that I'm paying for it which makes it less satisfying, but it's still very satisfying when she's on her knees giving me a blowjob!

After we have sex or before, I tell her that I have an escort agency and could get her clients. We end up spending more time in bed, just laying there naked and talking about everything. I show her my site and show her my corrospondence with clients and with other escorts, all to prove I am real. We talk about the rates and my commission..etc I end up telling her funny stories about clients and she tells me funny stories about clients she had and so on.

Some girls you will hit it off with quickly and enjoy being with them, other girls are cold and don't want to waste a minute of their time. Some girls will get excited and take you seriously and some will leave out the door like nothing happened and forget about you, even though you just proved to them everything is real, those types are just stupid and it's better not to work with them anyway. There are all kinds of girls out there but in general, the younger ones have better attitudes and attract more clients, so look for ones in their early twenties, like university students who want to make some money on the side. The older ones tend to be single moms who only think of money, as they get older, they have bagage, anger for men and things like that, so just avoid that drama and stick to younger type girls.

Eventually, you'll be booking one or two girls every week and the money you make from your commissions will pay for it. Remember, that's the whole idea. But to get started, you have to have one girl at least. So when your site is ready and before you get your first client, book a girl and tell her you want to send her clients for a commission. Get a few nice pictures and make sure you know her age, measurements, height and weight.

When the first client asks for a girl, send him her pictures or link to pictures and send him a couple of other fake girls as a decoy, if he ask for her, perfect, if he asks for one of the fake ones, then say you have to check for their availability and get back to him, then later say they are not available and only the one you have is, usually they agree because they already made up their mind to get a girl. That's all just in the beginning until you actually have several girls to offer. If you can afford it, then go ahead and book several girls to begin with.

The main place to find escorts is, that's in the US, but they list cities all over the world. Some countries have their own sites, so see which ad sites are in your country. Also see other escort agency sites and see escort review sites. There are lots and lots of escorts all over, you should not have a problem finding escorts.

But there is a big problem with escorts using fake pictures. It's very disappointing when you book an escort and she shows up at your door looking nothing like the pictures you saw of her. So to help solve that problem, go to:

It's an amazing site, you simply upload a picture or enter a url for a picture and tineye will show you if that picture is anywhere else on the internet. Right away you will know if the escort pictures are real or fake. That will solve 80-90% of the fake escort pictures problem.

Also you can tell by the quality of the pictures, real pictures tend to be amatuerish or selfies, where as high quality photoshopped images tend to be fake. That's not always the case but a lot of times it is, so be careful and always ask for images.

Finally, remember you can always refuse the girl if she is way off from her pictures, I did that several times but it's hard to do that when a girl is at your door ready to fuck and so are you. So I don't do it often.

As you start booking escorts and talkig to them about your agency and then getting them clients and so on, you'll get better at spotting the good vs bad escorts. As you get to know and work with them, you'll find yourself focusing on one or two good ones, recommending them to clients and sending them most of the clients, while having a few others available to offer.

Ofcourse, you will always be booking escorts yourself and always looking for better escorts than the ones you have. There is always a better hotter younger escort around the corner and you should be looking forward to finding her, enjoying yourself while you search and book escorts all the time.

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