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Understanding The Clients

The Escort Clients

In the previous chapter we covered getting your site and moving it to the top of search results on google. Then clients will start contacting you and asking for girls.

There are 3 types of clients:

The first type are the ones that know what they want and are ready to book a girl, ofcourse those are the best. And with them, it's very simple, you send them the list of girls available and rates and they choose one and give you the time and hotel or address to send her to. You forward the address to the girl and she goes there. Nice and simple, everybody is happy.

The second type are the ones that are thinking about it, these types will typically ask more questions and say they are not sure when it's for and so on. They want to but something is stopping them and usually it's the money, or it could be they are married and not sure when they can get away from their wife and things like that. So you just have to be patient, be polite and friendly. If money is an issue, then lower the price a little. These types tend to come around and book a girl a day or two later.

The third type are the ones who are not serious. They just waste your time. Either they do not have money and contact you out of curiosity or because they're dreaming one day they will do it and just want to talk about it. These types usually ask a lot of questions, when you send them the list of girls you have, they will ask if you have other girls..etc If you have a variety of 4-5 nice girls and someone asks for other girls, then you know he is not serious and you can stop talking to him right away. Anyone that asks a lot of questions is probably not serious, but you can still give them short yes and no answers, just incase they are serious, but usually they're not, so try not to waste time on them.

After a while, you'll start to develop a good sense of who is serious and who isn't, just by the way they talk to you. I've gotten many emails that I didn't even answer because I could tell from what they said that they are not serious. That's a skill that comes with experience, in time you will develop it.

Here are some examples of questions and statements which give you an idea if they are serious or not.

Questions/Statements that indicate a person is serious:

Questions/Statements that indicate a person is NOT serious:

Those are just examples to give you an idea. Another good indicator is being polite, serious clients are usually polite and ask nicely. But rude clients that say things like "I want a girl now" or "That's too much, I can pay $xxx"..etc are usually not serious.

On your website, you should have a FAQ page or put FAQ's on the contact page. That will cut down on emails with common questions. For example, I'm not available after midnight, so I added a FAQ basically telling them not to ask for girls after midnight. Before I did that, clients would contact me all the time at 3-4-5 am saying they want a girl now! I still get those sometimes because not everyone reads the FAQs, but it cut down a lot of those unnecessary emails.

You should have a prepared template response. Prepare a nice long response to serious inquiries. It should have:

- A list of the available girls with links to their pictures

- A couple of lines of text about each girl that says something about them, for example:
"Julie is a health freak that goes to the gym everyday and eats healthy..etc"
"Melissa is classy and dresses nice, you wouldn't think she's an escort..etc"
"Karla is a young student, she escorts sometimes to get through school"

along with statements like those, include one or two negative statements, that will make the client think you are honest about the girls, but nothing too negative, for example:

"Karla does have several tatoos, if that bothers you."
"Julie has a little darker skin then you see in the pictures, but still very sexy."
"Megan is usually late, so keep that mind."
"Karol has breast implants but they look good!"

As you see, they are negative but not too bad and you down play it by saying it's ok, no big deal..etc and don't do it for all of girls, just one or two to gives the client the impression that you are upfront and clear about the girls.

- Rates for one hour, two hours, all night. Make the 2 hour rate close to the one hour rate, so they book 2 hours instead.

- Add urgency by saying things like:

"Karla is visiting for a few days only"
"Julie can't go out too late"
"Megan wants to raise her rates soon"
"I'm heading out at 9pm, please let me know soon."

Again, just one or two, not more.

- A recommendation. Recommend one or two girls that you personaly like and know are good, reliable, usually available..etc.

- Ask a question like "Where are you staying?" "What time is it for?"

- Closing line saying something nice and polite like "I'll wait to hear from you" "If you have any questions, let me know"..etc

So have that nice long response prepared in a text file so you can just copy and paste it when someone contacts you. Ofcourse adjust it a little to him specifically, if you have to.

Talking to clients is the boring part of the escort service, obviously it's necessary. But it doesn't take long when you have a nice prepared responses that you can just cut, paste and send.

And again, sometimes it does get interesting or funny when you hear from strange clients with strange requests. I once had a client say to me that he was so good looking that whenever he goes out, girls flock to him! So I asked him; why call an escort agency then? he didn't have an answer and he said "I will send you my picture and you can send it to the girls", so I said you don't have to because the girls don't care what you look like, they just care about their time and money. He replied and said "If they don't wanna see what I look like, then I don't want to see them!". Those are some of the idiots you come across that just make you laugh.

I had clients actually invite me out to dinner just to meet me in person. I guess they think I'm a good person to know since I know a lot of escorts, so why not build relationships. I don't mind it, infact I like it and appreciate it and I made a couple of new friends that way.

Enough about clients, lets talk about girls!

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