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Steps To Get Started

Steps To Start An Escort Agency

To start, you will need a few hundred dollars to get a website and promote it. There is no way around that, you have to have a decent and top ranked website that will give you the credibility you need to impress the girls and to get you clients.

Building a brand new site and ranking it in google will take too long, a much better way is to buy an existing site that ranks in the top 4 or 5 pages in google search results and then pushing it to the top page. So lets talk about that first.

If you search for your city escorts ( e.g Austin escorts or Medellin escorts or Bogota escorts ) you will find a variety of escort related sites and agencies in the search results. The ones on first page tend to be established and offering to buy them will be a waste of time because their owners tend to believe their sites are worth a lot of money, wether that's true or not. It's better to go down to page 2,3 or 4 and look for a semi established site there and offer to buy it for two or three hundred dollars. Start by contacting them and asking if they are interested in selling their site. Try to contact at least 5 or 6 site owners. It only takes a few minutes. Then one or two will respond by saying things like "Maybe" "How much?"..etc and here's how you respond:

"It depends, can you tell me more about the site. How much traffic does it get? How many clients contact you every week?"

Because they are not ranked on the first page of google, they probably get little traffic and rarely have clients contact them. So keep that in mind when you talk to them and continue to emphasize that their site is of little value if it has little traffic. Therefore you cannot pay much for it, only 2-300 dollars. One of them will likely agree because he knows it's not making him much money anyway and he could probably use the money to make a payment on his car or credit card or something like that.

That's exactly what I did and bought an escort agency site on page 3 of the search results for $350.

If you don't find one, then keep going down the list of search results to page 5 or 6 until you find one. It depends on which city you live in and how competitive the market is there. New York city and LA will probably be much more difficult compared to smaller cities.

After you take ownership of the site, it's time to fix it up a little and push it up the rankings. Don't worry, it's not hard to do, but it takes time because it's up to google to change their rankings.

In terms of fixing up the site, if you can't do it yourself, you can pay a web designer a few bucks to fix it up for you. Maybe change the logo, add more pictures of girls and so on. The pictures of girls you put on the site should be sexy, high quality photoshopped with no faces showing. It's ok if they're not real because later on when clients ask you for a specific girl, you can say "she is not available but these girls are" and you send pictures of the actual girls available. You do have to bait and switch in this business, because if you put up average looking girls, clients won't contact you, especially when they see other escort agencies with hot girls.

Have a contact page or contact email clearly visible on every page of the site. Do all your communication by email so everything is written and clear and there's no confusion about who said what..etc Also, start keeping a list of client emails so you can market to them later.

To push your site up the rankings, you need to do a few simple things:

1- Add lots of text to your site:

The reason why it's easy to go up the rankings is because almost all other escort agency sites do not have much text on their site. They focus on pictures of the girls, a little description text and maybe a couple of paragaphs about the agency and that's it. But google loves text! they give preference to sites that explain things because those are considered informative sites. So if you just add more text, you'll see your rankings go up for sure. So add several pages of text related to escorts and to the city you're in. Don't copy text from other sites because google will know that, write a few pages yourself or pay someone to write a few pages for you, the text doesn't have to be good and interesting, it only has to be unique. Don't try to take short cuts here by copying or spinning other text, write fresh new unique text, it's very important and will make big difference.

2- Get links to your site:

You can go to sites like and others to pay a few dollars to get a few quality links back to your site. Ideally you want them from related sites and from article or blog posts, pages with text on them. Look for sites that offer links within an article or blog post. You don't need many but the more the better and try to get a couple every month to keep up your rankings.

3- Link to authority sites:

On your sites, put links out to authority sites like CNN, Wikipedia and others. There's always a story on CNN or other news sites about escorts and scandals..etc. Remember the big story about US Secret service hiring escorts in Colombia? Doing that tells google you are an authority site too because you link out to those related stories. None of the other escort agency sites do that, even though it's so easy to do.

4- Keep visitors on your site:

Google tracks how long visitors stays on your site and the longer they stay, the more likely you have a good informative site. So include a page or two on your site that will keep them on to read it. I have a long page with text about how I started my escort agency and the girls I met and so on, it's a good read, not the boring lines like "we have the best girls..bla bla" which sounds fake and they all say it. Say something different and interesting to read. When people read it, they stay on the site and google appreciates it and gives it preference over the others.

If you can do those 4 things to your site, which are not hard to do and not expensive, you will see your site move up the rankings to the first page. When I did it, it took about 5-6 weeks until I was on the first page and then eventually after a few months I was number 1 in the search results for my city.

When you get to the first page, clients will start contacting you asking for girls.

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