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Sex is what it's all about. The whole purpose of your escorts agency is to have sexy girls coming to your home all the time, having sex with one after the other. Your escort agency makes that a reality, it brings the money needed to book the girls and it gives you the credibility to be taken seriously and appreciated.

When escorts know that I have agency, they look at me differently, the try to impress me, they do more. For example, most girls do not give oral sex without a condom, but with me, most do. They hesitate for a minute because they are not used to it but they quickly think it over and decide to themselves that they better impress me to get my clients. You might have to push a little and say it's just this time or only with me, they usually give in and agree. When they agree, they will usually say something like "Ok, but don't cum in my mouth". I always say yes and then I do cum in their mouth anyway! LOL

And it's not just in sex, their whole attitude is different, in the time they spend, they don't watch the clock and try to leave quickly, they stay and talk and don't worry about how much time they are with me. They actually enjoy staying and talking about the escort life. They feel like they are talking to someone who understands them.

So you will not only be booking lots of escorts, you will have fun doing it, the sex will be better, the experience will be better. You will have this powerful feeling of being important to them, not just another client.

Don't try to get them to have sex for free. They will not do it and more importantly, it will damage your reputation, a lot of escorts know each other and talk to each other, you don't want your reputation to be one of a sleezy guy just trying to get laid. You want your reputation to be an escort agency owner that is a straight forward and fair guy, who respects them and takes them seriously, and yes, you do have sex with them but it's to make sure they do a good job and are worth recommending to your clients, not because you're desperate to have sex. The money you make from the agency will pay for the girls, another way of looking at it; the clients are paying for you to have sex with the girls.

Ofcourse you can work out different arrangements with the girls, for example, there is one girl who I made an arrangement with that for every 2 clients I send her, she has sex with me once. Other girls I told they could keep my commission if they give me a blow job. It depends on the numbers, the rates, the girl..etc so you'll have to see when you talk to them. But in general, I usually prefer booking new escorts and meeting new girls all the time, rather than having the same ones over and over again. But if you come across one that's really good in bed, you'll probably wanna see her over and over again.

Another thing you should do is work on being good in bed. If you're gonna be in the sex business, you should be good at it. Sex isn't about pounding them for a long time or having a big dick. It's about pushing the right buttons! girls get the most satisfaction from their clit, so be good at oral sex and play with them, read a few articles or a guide on giving women great oral sex and then get good at it. They will like you even more.

Having sex a couple of times a week is great, it's better than masturbating to porn all the time. But it could get even better, way better.

Once your agency is established, sometimes girls will contact you directly on your website looking for work. In that case, you simply ask for pictures, discuss the rates and so on and if she looks good, you should book her to see what she is like in person. That's simple. But occasionaly you will get a girl from another city or even country that contacts you and that's when it could get very interesting. I want to share with you something that happened to me when 2 girls from Poland that contacted me looking for work.

They said they wanted to travel and they wanted to escort to make enough money to do it. They said they did it before and went to Australia, they simply contacted an agency there and made plans with them, the agency arranged for a small apartment for them to stay in for a month, the agency sent them to clients and got their commission, which covered the cost of the apartment and more.

My idea was different, I didn't care about making money with them, nor did I want them to stay somewhere else, so I told them they could stay with me and have sex with me, EVERY DAY, in exchange for me getting them clients. They agreed.

They were young students, 21 and 22, and they just wanted to travel more, that's what they cared about, it wasn't about making money. That was their attitude about it and I pushed that button, I told them I traveled a lot too, which I did and I showed them pictures of my travels, I talked about traveling all around the world. I asked them about their trip to Australia to keep the idea of traveling in their mind. So they were excited about traveling again and they wanted it so much that they agreed to my simple terms of having sex with me every day. Here is one line from one of our email exchanges where they asked me:

"We should go to your room every evening, yes? And what about if it happens on the morning? We can choose which one of us will do it, or you want to choose everyday which of us will do it today?" (note: They are Polish and their English is basic)

I'm a man who always struggled to get sex but never in my life did I ever think that one day 2 cute girls would ask me when do I want to fuck them, in the morning or night, and wether they choose or I choose who I get to fuck that day!

Then it got even better, they told their friend about it and their friend wanted to travel with them, so they asked me and I said it would be a lot to have 3 girls in my apartment but ok, only if I could have sex twice a day instead. They agreed.

A couple of months later, they came and stayed with me for 6 weeks during their summer vacation and I was having sex day and night with 3 young girls! Every morning I would wake up thinking, which one of them do I wanna have sex with now! It was one of the best times of my life.

You might think I got lucky because they contacted me and that's true. But you can take the initiative and find girls like that, everybody wants to travel and see the world, so you just have to focus on that. Contact escorts from those Eastern European countries and ask them if they want to travel and work in your city, I'm sure you'll find at least one, then ask her if she wants to bring a friend so the trip would be more fun, she probably will have a friend that's interested too, and then go from there. Talk about traveling, not escorting.

Be clear that you cannot guarantee a certain number of clients but at least 1 or 2 a week to make enough spending money. They will not think about the money, they will only get excited about traveling, and as long as they have a place to stay, food to eat and a little spending money, they will do it.

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