Escorts in Colombia

Escorts in Colombia

Colombian Escorts Site For Sale is for sale.

Established escort site, making over $400/month, with 4000+ monthly visitors


My name is Omar. For the last 6 months I´ve been running an escort agency in Colombia. I bought when it was burried in the search results and I worked on it until I got it to the number 1 position in google for the main term "Medellin Escorts". It´s also on page 1 for the two other main terms "Bogota Escorts" and "Cali Escorts". Those are the 3 big cities in Colombia. Bogota is the capital but Medellin is the nicer, more modern city where tourists go to.

Almost every single day someone contacts me wanting a girl.

The process is simple:

- Client contacts you through the website
- You send him the list of available girls and prices
- He picks the girl he likes and gives you his hotel info
- you tell the girl where to go
- next day you collect your share of the money

The rates are $200-$300 for 2 hours. Your share is roughly a third. Sometimes you get a client that books a girl all night for about $500. I did get a lot of enqiueries for several day bookings but none of them converted because my prices are a little higher then others.

Ofcourse not everyone that contacts you orders but you get about 2 a week.

So roughly you make $500-$600 per month.

And it doesn´t take much time, about 5 minutes per day, mostly emailing back and forth with the interested clients and messaging with the girls.

It´s important to understand that if you choose to stay in Colombia 500-600 dollars is a lot more than what is sounds like, to give you an idea, a pack of Marlboro ciggerettes costs the equivelent of $1.75

But this is not just about the money. It´s about the lifestyle.

With the money I make from it, I call other escorts and every week I fu ck a different sexy Colombian girl! it´s been the best 6 months of my life!

With every escort, after we do it and only if I like how she looks and her attitude, I will tell her that I own an escort agency and I could find her work, by then she is all ears and wants to know more and we end up talking for an extra hour or more while naked in bed. So that´s one of the fun aspects of this business. I also sometimes get escorts contacting me directly from the site asking to work for me.

To communicate with the girls, you need to know a little spanish, at least the words and phrases related to the business, but that´s not hard to learn. You can also use the google translator which I use a lot because I only know a little spanish. Ofcourse if you already speak spanish that would be better.

You don´t have to live in Colombia to run this business, it´s mostly done online and messaging the girls by phone and the girls can send you money by western union. I live in Medellin so the girls in Bogota send me money by western union. Ofcourse it would be easier and more fun if you could come to Colombia. Medellin is a beautiful city with perfect weather all year, they call it the "City Of Eternal Spring" because it´s always spring, never too hot and never too cold. For those of you who live in cold areas, it´s a perfect getaway for the winter months. I´m Canadian, so I leave in the winter, why live in the cold when you can live somewhere warm surrounded by sexy spanish women?! By the way, Colombian has some of the sexiest women in the world, Miss Colombia just won Miss Universe a couple of months ago.

I already make enough income online to cover my living expenses, that´s why I can afford to travel in the winter and run this escort business on the side. For me, it´s about the lifestyle and fu cking sexy spanish girls. So I think it´s ideal for someone in a similar situtation. Someone who can get away for a few months a year to go have fun in Colombia. Not just for the girls but to travel and see the world, to learn spanish and dance Salsa and so on.

I will be in Colombia for another month, so if you decide to buy it and come to Colombia, I will meet with you in person and give some training/advice. If we can´t meet here then we can do a training session over skype.

One important thing understand is that the value of the site is not just in it´s rankings, traffic and income, it´s also the girls. I found out that finding a few good girls is harder then I thought, because most of the time, when you call an escort, the one that shows up at your door is not the same girl in the pictures you see when you called. Even though you can tell her to leave because she is not the same girl in the picture, it´s very hard to do that, considering you are ready to have a good time with a sexy girl standing at your door, good luck telling her "No Thanks", I was never able to do that. But you can if you want. And then, even if she is the one that was in the pictures and does indeed look good, she might have a shitty attitude, meaning, she just wants to take the money and run, which is not good, you need girls that have a nicer attitude, a little more friendly..etc. Finally, even when you find a good one, she might not have a good work ethic, rarely available and so on. I had one escort that was sexy as hell and awesome in bed, I did a sex position with her I never did before! she agreed to work with me but every time I tell her I have a client for her, she would say; no that´s too late or she´s out of town..etc so it didn´t work out with her. But that´s how it is. You need a few good ones and that´s not easy, I found a few good ones, so you won´t have to look much, but you should be always looking for better escorts, that´s why I call escorts all the time, because I´m always looking for better ones.

The site itself gets thousands of monthly visitors, you can see the google analytics for the exact numbers, I only check them once in a while, the important thing to me is the top rankings and number of leads. The interesting thing about the analytics is that most of the visitors are from the US not Colombia, a lot of people search before they come and then contact me. I was getting to many inquiries from people saying "I´m coming to Colombia next month..etc" and I had to keep telling them to contact me when they arrive, so I added it to the faqs to cut down on those questions but I still get people saying that, so I just tell them nicely to contact me when they arrive or just before.

You´re probably wondering about a couple of things:

1- Do I get to fu ck the girls for free? The answer is no because I don´t bring any one girl enough clients to get that kind of privilage. The clients are distributed over several girls, so each girl only gets a 2-3 extra clients a month. That´s not enough for her to suck up to you, no pun intended! if you get to the point where you´re bringing a girl a new client every other day and making her a ton of money, then you would be in a position to tell her she has to take care of you for free, but I don´t think it´s a realistic goal given the numbers.

2- Why am I selling? I´m actually not sure I will sell, it´s only if I get a decent offer. But I have to go back to Canada next month because forigners are only allowed 6 months a year on a tourist visa. So my thinking is if I´m gonna be away and not having the kind of fun I´ve been having here, then there´s no point keeping it, except for the money, which is ok and nice but again, I am in this business for the fun of it, not just the money. I am also looking forward to focusing on other projects and would rather just move on, if it makes sense to do so.

3- Are the girls on the site real? no. It´s a long story. But it doesn´t matter, when a client contacts you, you send him a list of the actual available girls. I will attach pictures of a couple of actual girls to see.

Finally, I wanna close by talking about the potential. I am sure you can double the income by doing video shoots, seeing a picture is completely different from seeing a video. Very few other escort sites have videos and they are shitty videos. If you can take nice vidoes of the girls dancing, naked in bed with lingerie, causal in the open and so on, you will defintely convert more clients, I am 100% sure about that. But it does cost to hire a vidographer, book a nice hotel suite to shoot in, accessories..etc it's a big deal but if you can afford to do it, you will get a more clients and make more money. If I don't sell the site, I will keep it and do that next winter and probably eventually sell the site for a lot more. So there is good potential if you want to take it to the next level.

Bonus: As a bonus, I´m including a free ebook on...just kidding! As a bonus, if you come to Colombia, you´ll get one hour with one of the hottest girls you´ll ever have in your life, no kidding!

I hope that gives you a good sense of the business, please see the attachments also. I included a video of me logging into the email account so you can see the volume of emails and some of the messages.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Serious inquiries only and note I won't disclose any sensitive or competitive information.

Payment by escrow only, we split all the fees.