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The available Medellin escorts will vary all the time. Some girls are usually available while others are occasionally available. An escort might find a rich boyfriend and decide to stop escorting for a while or she might find a good job and stop escorting altogether. Some are students who take time off escorting to study for their final exams. And so on. Every escort is different in Medellin. So to know who is available, just contact me when you arrive or a day before. That would be ideal. Then I will know who is available. The high end ones above are rarely available because they tend to have modeling work, rich boyfriends and so on. Even when they are, they tend to be unreliable and could cancel a booking at the last minute. And ofcourse they're very expensive. They're hot, so they make the rules. Just something to keep in mind when it comes to the high end escorts in Medellin. But, they are worth it.