Escorts in Colombia

Escorts in Colombia

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Which girls are available?
Different girls are available at different times. Some of the girls on our website are also VIP girls. It's better to contact us (the independent girls) the same day or the day before you want to have a girl and we can see who is available then. Please don't contact us weeks/months before you arrive to Colombia, because we won't know who will be available until you're about to arrive. And please don't contact us in the middle of the night saying "I want a girl now!"

What are the rates?
Because our girls are all independent they set the prices by themself. Normally the Rate is roundabout $200 USD for 2 Full Hours and $500 USD for All Night.

Do the girls speak english?
Most do not speak english or know only a few words and phrases. So it helps if you speak a little spanish. If not, then when she arrives, just skip the small talk and take her straight to your bed!

Will I have a problem sending her to my hotel room?
It's not a problem, the reception will call your room to ask you if it's ok to let her up.

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Our girls are online 90% of the time, so expect a quick answer.

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