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Cali isn't visited much by tourists, usually tourists will go to Medellin to have fun and enjoy the weather or to Bogota for business or work. I only went to Cali a couple of times. There's not much happening there, but the escorts in Cali have nice figures, that's where you find the hardcore Colombian curves that make you lose your mind. The girls dance Salsa and show it all. Did you know that Cali is the Salsa capital of the world? Anyway, because I don't go there often and because there isn't much demand, I tend to only have a couple of girls available at any given time, so the options are less, but they're good. Cali is another city where you won't be out much, so having an escort spend quality time with you in the hotel, is a must. Let me know when you arrive there and we'll go from there. If you do find an escort from somewhere else, please let me know about her, if she's good, I'll try her when I get there.